Take a Hike, Create Memories

Going on a hike with a loved one is so much fun. Lots of adventure and togetherness to be had for sure. I’ve been on plenty of hikes with family and friends, enjoying our surroundings, discovering new things, breathing in the fresh air and spending time together.

While in college, some friends and I took a hike from Big Basin State Park to the Sea.(in this case, the Pacific Ocean, or rather the Monterey Bay). It was ten miles through the redwood forest. We talked, we laughed, we smiled. We took pictures, capturing each other, the plants and animals that we saw. And of course the trees. I had never been on a hike that long before, and wasn’t sure that I was actually going to be able to make it! But being with friends kept the momentum going, until the very end. When we sat down on the beach, watching the waves roll in and breathing in the fresh sea air.

The worldless picture book, Hike by Pete Oswald, does this very same thing. Leaving the reader with a feeling of togetherness, joy and being part of something special in creating new memories together.

What memories will you create on your next hike? Or even your next adventure down the street?

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