Live a Thousand Lives- Through Reading!
“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one.” George R.R. Martin

I love this quote. As a kid, as it is now, reading provides an opportunity for me to be someone else, to live someone else’s life, to go on a journey that is not my own. No matter what I read, whoever the characters, in my head, I accompany them on their adventures, I share their experiences, their joys, their triumphs, their struggles, etc. And in that way, I have lived a thousand lives. 

Reading and books are mirrors, and windows and doors. Each one perhaps reflecting a version of yourself back at you, or providing a glimpse into someone else’s world, or creating an opportunity to step through and be immersed in a different world. Reading is like the Choose Your Own Adventure books I loved reading in elementary school. Are you going to pick Path A, B, or C? And the fun thing? If you don’t like the path you choose, you can go back and choose another one. That’s what all books are. An adventure. If you don’t like the one you choose, put it down and pick up another one. Go on a different adventure. Or if you did like it, find other similar ones, or try something completely different, maybe even something you are afraid of! 

Reading offers the chance to live a thousand lives. But it doesn’t mean that the life you are living while reading, must stay within the confines of the book. It can also afford the possibility to make the life your own. To bring it into the real world and make it your own in whatever way works for you. 

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