Just because you haven’t published anything, yet, does not mean you are not an author.

I needed some additional writing inspiration this week. The above quote gives me added confidence when I feel my writing ambitions are going nowhere. According to the dictionary, an author is one who makes or creates something and a writer is one who writes. Therefore, an author is someone who comes up with an idea and a writer is the person who puts those ideas into words. Nothing in that definition says you need to be published in order to be an author or a writer.

If you actively think about ideas and put them to words, then you may call yourself an author and a writer. Give yourself the power and the permission to move forward with your ambitions and aspirations. I am no longer going to be afraid to call myself an author and a writer. I am those things and will continue to be those things. Someday, I will add the word published in front, but it doesn’t make it any less true now. So don’t forget that the very act of putting words to paper makes you an author. Your hard work in doing that is important to acknowledge and should be looked upon with praise. Keep writing, keep authoring, keep putting your words to paper.

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