Adventure in the Night

Have you ever woken up in the middle night, put your clothes on, and gone on an adventure? Heading out to a destination, in the still and quiet of the night? Feeling the anticipation, the excitement? Being with the ones you love? Noticing all that is happening around you at this special time of night?

Check out, The Night Walk, by Marie Dorléans. A lovely story following a family that goes on a midnight walk. The family wakes up, gets dressed, and heads out through their neighborhood. They have a destination. But they take time to appreciate and notice their neighborhood at night. From the windows that still have the lights on, to the train that rumbles past. They walk and they walk, through town, into the countryside, and up and up a hill, until they reach the top. With perfect timing to catch the dawn of a new day.

I love books like this. Quiet ones. Ones that take you on an adventure. Ones that show you what is possible. Ones that take time to see.

Next time you seek adventure, why not try a night walk! See what you can see, feel what you can feel, hear what you can hear, no destination required.

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