A Tree That Lives On

Giant Sequoia’s are close relatives of the Coast Redwoods. They have many features in common, but also some very particular differences. Redwoods are the world’s tallest trees, Sequoia’s are the world’s largest tree. Both have very specific habitats, produce seeds and cones and resemble other types of pine trees. Redwoods and Sequoia’s have also been around for thousands of years, paying witness to many human lifetimes. They live on.

The Sequoia Lives On by Joanna Cooke and illustrated by Fiona Hsieh gives an overview of the life cycle of the Giant Sequoia. How it begins as a seed, then grows by getting sunlight and air on it’s leaves, taking up water through it’s roots. Then producing cones, which open with heat to release the seeds and start all over again. The text is easy to read, lyrical at times and the illustrations provide vivid details of the trees in their forest home with the other plants and animals.

Imagine what it would be like, to live on, as the sequoia’s do. To marvel at the things they have seen.

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