Read Everything! To Find Your Writing Voice & Niche.
Image of the following books in a stack: The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass, The Beast Player, One Crazy Summer, American Royals, Inside Out & Back Again, Clementine, The Truth About Forever, Witches of Brooklyn, My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich.

One of the first things you are told as an aspiring author is to read. Lots and lots of reading particularly in the genre you are interested in writing in. This accomplishes several things: lets you know what has already been published and gives you a feel for the writing style in that genre. 

Since I have been on my author journey, I have expanded my knowledge of the children’s book market exponentially. I started reading all the books I remembered from my childhood, then branched out to the ones I saw the kids in my life had and then further expanded into anything that seemed interesting. The one good thing about picture books is that they are short, you can read a whole bunch of them in a short amount of time.

I have expanded my reading beyond picture books as well into middle grade, chapter books and young adult. I am finding some really great literature out there. Things I would have loved reading as a kid myself, some things that I would not have enjoyed reading, and even things that I wonder why were published. Mostly though, I see lots of great writing. Stories with great characters, relatable experiences and thought provoking ideas. 

By reading widely, you continue to perfect your writing style and voice. You help to establish your writing niche. Reading also can help get you out of an idea rut, or a writing rut. It gets your brain turning and thinking and eventually you’ll end up with something new to write about.

So get out there and read. Everything.

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