Bread et Books

Welcome to my new venture! Where I combine my two loves: Bread and Books.

Food is a connector. And every culture/country, etc. has a food that brings them together. I most particularly enjoy bread. For me it is a food group. I can remember every time I have had a stand out piece of bread. From the most delicious white loaf bread purchased for pennies at the Shanghai Airport to the equally delicious Pan de Sabao purchased on a roadside stand in Puerto Rico to the dinner rolls bought at the Circle K in Bali and the ham sandwich from the museum cafe at a medieval castle in Salerno, Italy. All of these instances bring back a memory, and they all involve bread.

Each blog post will feature a book that I have read- most likely in the KidLit world- followed by my journey at making a food item as mentioned in the book. My goal is to stick mostly with bead or bread-like things, but as necessary, I will expand into other types of food items, if a bread link does not present itself or if it is a food I like.

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